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I was going to do this:Inland Trail Marathon but instead I did this: there was 5 others on the plate before i took this picture and this: and this: and this: I also got to spend a few hours with these great friends: to celebrate the October birthdays of these girls: so although i questioned my decision all day, and timed where i would be from 8am until noon, got a little pang in my heart each time i passed a runner out on this beautiful day, i made a great choice and had a BEAUTIFUL Sunday on the BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Fall day :) Tomorrow though back to this: Have a great week!


What a great experience! I am back from Chicago, my legs are sore and I finished 26.2 miles. It wasn't pretty, but I crossed the finish line with a little spring in my step! Chicago had record breaking temperatures, the high hit 88 degrees! At one point we came around a corner and there was a sign on a bank that said 87, I figured it was wrong that the sign was in the sun and that was with the sun hitting it directly...I was wrong, that sign was RIGHT! This marathon had 45,000 participants, it took us over 18 minutes to get to that start! The crowd support was amazing, at some cheer stations the crowd was 5-6 deep. There were people along the WHOLe route, never an area where no one was there cheering you on. There is an estimated number of 1.5 million spectators and felt as if each one were cheering just for me! We ran through the whole city so I got to see so many different areas I would not have been able to see otherwise. The months and miles leading up to this event really is …