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a few weeks ago todd and i traveled for a quick, super quick, three day jaunt to nashville. why you ask? basically to see this guy!!

as you know, i am a beachbody coach, and each year beachbody holds their ginormous coach summit. this was my first summit and boy did it not disappoint! 

when i decided to become a beachbody coach one of the things i committed to doing was stepping out of my comfort zone, and i have, which i am super happy about. my main purpose for going to summit though was to real…really step out of that zone and i did, and i am continuing to do so. 

there is some quote, about stepping out of your comfort zone is what makes you grow and that is my goal, to evolve and grow so that is what i am doing. i challenge you to do the same. 

anyway, you all know my love for shaunt and all his kick your butt programs. well his newest program was released while i was at summit and i was there to become certified to teach this new format by the man himself. 

the program …