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The Grace Crop for Autism

This crop is going to be amazing! My dear scrappin friends got me involved in this one and i am so excited i am going to be there.

It is at the end of the month in Staten Island New York. This is how i got involved. I met Kristin through the yahoo board for CE. I was going to CKC Valley Forge and she was going with a bunch of her friends. One of them is Barbara D'Amora who is the founder of The Grace Foundation. She puts together a huge crop each year to raise money and awareness for the foundation. When i met all these girls i just loved them just so fun and down to earth...real scrappers. Barb, Kristin, Susan & I ended up all rooming toghter at CE and I told Barb i wanted to come to the crop for sure and would help anyway I could with the crop. So i got the blog job. You need to check out the Grace Crop for Autism Blog. Latley i am posting pictures of all the great donations they have received. It is so cool to see all this stuff, and people are so generous!

So I am posting a …

so tired/ultrasound

Today I am so tired..have you ever had those days?
I have been working so hard at work getting ready for a HUGE test i had, so i took it tues. and they told me first thing when i got there this morning i failed... you needed a 90% to pass and i did not get it. So as these two really nice guys are sitting there telling me about what i had problems with it is taking everything in my being not to cry, i started to but held it back until they were done. what an iodiot i am, i could just not stop crying. Then i have to go back into my class (with everyone who passed the test) and get ready for the electronic test. you guessed it failed that one also.
i think i was just meant to be a bartender.. i never cry all day when i am bartending.

After all that i had my ultrasound today. i was so exhausted from crying it was nice just to lay down for an hour and watch my little baby wiggle around. so amazing to see its little body parts move around and how active it was. I did not look for the one body …

a post for catherine! are so funny! So you must post if you do in fact read this blog.
so this is what i have been doing...
i went to the dr. today so i heard the babies heartbeat, i just love that sound.
i still do not have a name picked out. next week is the ultrasound.

work is hard right now, lots of learning

just started a new quarter at school

brooke and i went to ikea on saturday SO much fun. We are going back in 2 weeks for a couch

kids started swimming, they love swimming!

wyatt is in the cec at hyland now and loves his class, i am so happy he is happy there!

grace as a loose tooth

i am taking a class thursday at scraptacular with a designer from A to Z. We make 3 pages
and a goodie bag for $20.00 good deal!

i will post again soon...and not so long in between.