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10 years ago...

I started on the greatest adventure of my life and it has been amazing. I was worried I would suck at it, and I am not the best at it that is for sure, but it is something that I work hard at and try to refine my skills all the time. I learn from my mistakes and I know I have and will continue to make mistakes, but because of that I become better at it. I am so very lucky to be on this adventure and so very lucky to have my little people guiding me along the way.

10 years ago today I became a mom, to this girl.
Now I realize every mom thinks their kid is great, but really I wonder each day how the heck this child is mine. She is SO not me:
she gets straight A's
she is smart
she is so laid back
she is calm
she moves at her own speed...slow
she lets just about everything just roll off her back

but she IS mine because:
she is sassy to me
she always has to get the last word in
she loves to read
she is goofy
she is sarcastic

I asked Grace today to describe her perfect day day to me:

Great Fall Day

The kids were off school today, and I loved it! I took off work to spend some quality time with the oldest two & I loved it. We had fun, we went to the bookstore & bought books for each of them, did a little more shopping & had a great lunch! What a great day with m oldest 2! I also have great friends! It is supposed to drop to 37 tonight, I am not a big fan of that, but I am a big fan of sitting in the hot tub on a beautiful fall night. We cold hear the band from the football game, that made it a super fall night!
Have a great Friday night, mine was awesome!

The boy is 8!

Eight years ago this boy entered my life and took over my heart! Maybe because he is my only boy, maybe because he knows all the right words to shmooze yes that is a made up word me, it could be his sweet smile, or the way he snuggles perfectly but he makes up my little gang perfectly.
Wyatt Houston Simon
October 2, 2004