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Mahna Mahna

this is funny. My friend Shelly just gave me a new cd her brother made her with the versions of this song by cake. I just love it and have been playing it over & over. I told my other friends Stacey & Gerry about it and i think they kind of made fun of me because it is a sesame street song. Then i found this video. LOVE IT! keep in mind stacey & gerry should not be making fun of anyone who watches sesame street, they have 3 kids.
so anyway here is the link for the cake song:

Star Wars Mahna Mahna

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A tag album for Wendy

My dear friend Wendy's birthday was last week, so days before i started her tag album for 2 reasons.
1) i am always trying to finish whatever project i have minutes before they need to finished.
2) I got this Creative Imaginations paper and sticker set and loved it so much i wanted to rush right home and use them!
i had fun creating this project. it went along so smoothly i got to use all of my latest obsessions, inking, sanding, and the crop-a-dile.
here are pictures of some of it, it was 6 chipboards i covered so it ended up being about 12 spots to add whatever she would like.

i just came across a picture of wendys birthday last year at the winery...such fun.


2007 has not started off the best. Now 10 days in it is looking a little better. It started on new years eve, we traveled to michigan to hang out with houstons, sagermans, & geigers. half way there leaving ohio we hydroplaned across the turnpike, took out a guard rail, spun into a ravene & totaled our car. everyone was ok thankfully. kids were not even effected. the whole thing has just been a huge irritation though figuring out if we were going to get a new car. yes we are, so what car will i get? still do not know, i DO NOT want to go and buy a car, there is nothing enjoyable about it as far as i am concerned.
then... three days into the new year, wyatt gets a fever. i figure it is whatever from being around 8 kids the weekend before, tylenol, motrin then it will go away. five days later he still has the fever. ok i am not that bad of a parent, the fever was under control with doses of tylenol then motrin 4 hours after. i even went out to buy a real thermometer so i could kee…