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Basketball/Volleyball Saturday

This baby was a trooper. She spent all day today watching/sleeping through her oldest sisters basketball & volleyball games. I must say her oldest sister did great. I am so proud of how well she played! Granted, they did not win a game out of the 5 she played, she put in a ton of effort. I have to remind myself she is playing older kids, while that is great in the long run now it is frustrating. You would think I would take a picture of the older sister during one of her games today, but no. Tonight though, I am one proud mama.

I work out....

no I don't, but this girl does!

This is something that has been KILLING me lately, I cannot get my mojo back and it is bumming me out. It is a long boring story, but if I type it, well then maybe it will bring me back, here goes.  Before I was pregnant with Mae I was running so good, training for the Chicago Marathon was one of the best experiences of my life. Most of that was due to my amazing running friends and how much fun I had with them. After 10-10-10 I stopped, I didn't do much while pregnant, some yoga and walking here and there, but I would watch people running and would be so jealous, because I wanted to. A week after Mae was born I was walking, 2 weeks later I ran 3 miles, then I slowly but surely was going 4-6 miles three days a week with a longer one in there. I ran a half when Mae was 2 months old, then another half November 21st...that half killed me. I was burned out and said I am done running for awhile. That was fine because I hate running out in the cold, a…