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Some Layouts

Not this past weekend but the one before i actually sat down and worked on my BPS class i had not touched! These are some of the layouts i got accomplished. I am trying to get most of wyatt's stuff done before i have to start on this new person...
wait, it is easier for me to make a link of layouts on the side...check it out.

Do you think???

Do you think
Lebron James and Nike were thinking this when they came up with Witness campaign? This pic gives no justice to the girth of is slimming.

HUGE post

So here comes a huge post...I went to Staten Island New York this past weekend for The Grace Crop. It was great had so much fun seeing my scrappin friends! I stayed at Kristin's House the first night her house is BEautIfiL! It was so cool being there, when we were coming home from setting up the Grace Crop she drove me around her block...i'm not kidding it is her block, her sister Kaycee lives behind her...literally. Her in laws around the corner...literally, and her parents around the other corner...literally. AnnMarie her sister in law lives 3 blocks over. It was so cool. So on Staten Island there were two crazy things i saw, #1 EVERYONE parks on the street, half the houses dont even have garages i told kristin 'you guys park in the street. We cant park in the street in Ohio, you get a ticket if you do that" I think she thought i was nuts. then, as we were leaving Barbs Friday night i notice that everyone has their basketball hoops at the end of their driveway in th…