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still all in 216

i hope if you are reading this you are not one of those people who have given up. if you did why?
i am all in and believe, believe in the land! 

this team, our team, has given us so much. for the past 2 months, todd has been keeping up his lawn mowing skills as you can see from the above picture, we have still been able to watch basketball, we have still been a witness to awesome competition, records broken, hard work, dedication, sweat and tears. it is worth it to me, i wanted the cavs to make the playoffs, i wanted them to move on, i cheered for them each and every game to win.

can they win them all during the playoffs?
well, they did up until this series.
is it a disappointment when they do loose? 
yes, it is.
does that mean i am going to talk trash about the team and the players? 
no, i am not. 

they have given us more these past two months, i mean really, shumpy brought us the man bun! but more so for our family they have given us scheduled time, time to hang out together, time to cheer t…


yep, it is my weakness, i could snack all day. actually, i could be done with full on meals at any point and just snack. did you ever see the movie Mermaids? remember the mom character played by Cher, she made appetizers all the time for her girls for dinner, i could be that mom, totally!
the other thing i am working on is clean, healthy eating. so it is imperative i find snacks that fall into that bucket too, but i want to like them so i keep on snacking. plus, i am pretty active so i need energy for those INSANITY classes i am always talking about and it is so important to refuel after! did you know as soon as your done with your workout your body jumps into recovery mode? the best way to help it repair is with a recovery drink, but if you are a snacking fool like myself, you want a snack!
seriously, most times after i run, i run/walk/crawl right into the house and right into the pantry, like the food cannot get to my mouth fast enough. i need to ensure i am eating the right post wo…