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I am now committed to run 26.2, I have booked the flight. When I started training I didn't know if I would really commit and go, I just thought I would train with them. NOW I cant imagine my running pals being there and me sitting home watching them online.
AirShow pricing information Passenger TypeNameConfirmation NumberRapid Rewards NumberADULTELIZABETHSIMONXW8IPB00000589991043 ITINERARY DEPARTOCT 9 Cleveland, OH to Chicago, IL
Saturday, October 9, 2010
Travel Time 1 h 10 m
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1.running makes me feel so much better 2.i hate the anticipation of getting ready to run makes me get up at 430am for long runs on the weekends 4.i feel so good when i am finished 5.i have made amazing friends running has made me a better parent helps me to think & reflect 8.this picture is of my old shoes, i love my new shoes! 9.getting in the shower with chaffing burns terribly! 10.when the salt drips in your eyes it burns but is a good burn 11.i will not wear compression socks 12.i am not fast nor do i have any desire to be 13.i feel naked without my water bottle 14.i lost my toenail 15.i got a fresh pedicure since i lost my toenail 16.Peanut sweet & salty bars ROCK! 17.i have gone through 2 ipods over the past 2 months 18.todd will never understand how happy running makes me knees can tell me when the weather is changing 20.i am SO thankful my running pals let me join their 'circle', it has changed me in so many great ways!