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friday again

i promise 
i swear 
i must 
i will 
post more than just on fridays. look at it this way, i have big goals this week! but now it is friday, so lets go link up! 

1//    ummm last week i wasn't here to post because, i was here!
and it was warm beautiful relaxing fun traveling...holy, kath and I had an adventure! so it started with our first flight into ATL. the landing was I was truly scared, scared because I was frantically searching in the seat back pocket in front of me for the sick bag and couldn't find it, I was so worried I wasn't going to be able to hold it in. sure enough after what felt like 30 minutes on the millennium force, I felt those wheels touch down. we then had to walk to 10k steps on the fitbit to the next terminal because I was not getting on anything that moved me. yes, that may just be our luggage sitting out in the rain. 
then day 1 while resting peacefully laying on the beach...wham, the lifeguard chair comes falling on me. like the big umbrella, co…