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hi – i’m liz and i am thrilled you stopped by my little piece of the internet! let me tell you a bit about me, it only seems right since this is the about section of the blog.
  • i live out in the suburbs of cleveland, ohio where i have pretty much have lived my whole life. i got crazy once and thought i could move away, boy that was funny.
  • i am constantly working to keep up with my active little family. i guess we are not too little, there are 6 of us + the dog, chewy.
  • im really working on not using curse words, or at least a lot less out loud and more in my head. although that contradicts what i am also working on…being consistent with my words, thoughts and actions, so i guess i should just try to stop swearing altogether.
  • i am consistently ensuring fitness is part of our lives, all 6 of us.
  • apparently i am a work in progress…im ok with that.
  • have you read the secret? im a big fan and try to stay positive and spread love and joy.
that whole fitness part, that is a big part of my life not just for the amazingness (yay, i’m making that a word) for my health and body, but it just keeps me sane! fitness has made me a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, just overall a better person. it keeps me focused and it allow me to set goals, achieve them and even fail sometimes but always start again. it also allows me to set an example for my kids that a strong mind and body will help to over power most of life’s hurdles.
i love to share my love of fitness with everyone because who doesn’t want to spread all that positivity, so i hope you follow along and stop back often.