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Mae Mae

i have been wanting to share the pictures we had taken in August but decided to do so in sections because there are so many and i LOVE them all!  amy has taken the kids pics a several times but my most favorite when was mae mae was 1 week old here she is three years later!  

this girl is a nut! i don't remember the other ones being this nutty or it may be more as she gets away with everything because we all just think she is funny and adorable of course.  i want to freeze time to her personality now, but since i cannot amy did an amazing job of capturing this spit fire!! 

this is her 'i am the cutest and get away with everything smile'.


this is her 'yeah, i all sit here and have my picture taken'

and this one is my favorite…

her slumpy, sitting like a perfect lady (not) got my red boots on my personality is shining through pose! 

these chubby little fingers, i could just bite them!

seriously, could she say cheese any bigger! 

ok, i need feedback for my gallery wall so please let me know which one you like the best of this little beast!!