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day 4...a few days behind

i finished day 4 today, although we are on day 10 of the challenge. i plan to catch up though.

i had a crazy week last week, worked entirly to much so today was spent 'catching up' well catching up after i went into work for a little bit, oh and then handled drama over the phone.

but i am happy to say i got a few things accomplished. i even watched dancing with the stars tonight. Last night i watched the funny. the drunk girl cracked me up, the girl that did the irritating ' i got my eye on you' thing and then whipped out her webbed feet, she HaS to go. I have never been a follower of that show but it just may happen to me this year.


Rhonna said…
you are so fab!
I'm seriously loving reading/seeing your art journal..
WTG...keep itup!