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what a whirlwind!

boy, i left thursday am VERY early for AZ, to go to creative escape. WOW what an awesome experience! i had a great time and also made me realize a lot of things, it is time for me to make a change and that is what i am going to do.
i got no sleep from wednesday on...probably about 8 hours total until sunday night. actually i came home sunday afternoon from work and slept for 2 hours. Todd woke me up so we could go get something to eat and i was pretty much dylerious. i was talking crazy and falling back asleep the whole time! sunday night i slept great though, i am still trying to catch up. i have a VERY busy week this week as well. Sunday again will be my next half day off, and it is all booked up!

so look for more great classes & information being added at Scrappin To Go
I am excited to reinvent everything on the site, just as soon as i get a little time!