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I am sure all three people who read this blog are pinners, so I am SO excited to say that I have been really making items I have found on Pinterest lately. If you would like to follow me feel free to do so, Elizabeth Simon.
So I made this:
new shelves for my scrapping room, I am SUPER happy with how they turned out!

I used a House of Three (no longer available) Fourth of July download around the mason jar.

the sparklers all ready to go!

easiest thing ever & SUPER cute!

this actually has 2 Pinterest items, the cupcakes are the watermelon cupcakes, just a white cake mix with red food coloring and chocolate chips in the batter. green frosting and topped with chocolate chips. It looks like a watermelon, especially when you cut into it! YUM too!!
My jean shorts, I sprayed like an American Flag, I took a way better picture of this somewhere along the way but it is gone :( Cut off jean shorts, I just used star cut outs placed them on the shorts and sprayed the left side white. The right side I taped off with painters tape then sprayed with red spray paint. I am thinking I can wear these during the Olympics too! 

FUN to accomplish something!


Kim Schroeder said…
I too recently put my pinning to action and dabbled in a couple of crafts and recipes.... So fun! Of course I spend so much time on Pinterest I rarely read Blogs anymore :-)