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i haven't done one of these in awhile, but i vow to be better at it in the new year. 
so here goes, a throw back to before mae mae was part of the crew, when grace was under 5'8", when J still embraced the curls and wyatt, well wyatt was the same, my crazy, sweet boy! 

look at my sweet j. i just loved that outfit, and that hair, i had to pin it back!!

my boy, warms my heart. 

she really has always been the ugliest sleeper, but that is her charm, that is what i love about her. she still is and that is part of what makes her amazing! i love this pic because she under 5' here. i miss that little girl.

that is my throw back thursday. i randomly scroll through my iPhoto and pick a picture based on when someone, today it was todd, tells me to stop. today picked the whole row, because they all went together and they are all so gosh darn cute!!!

xoxo tbt